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IWP holds student symposium on the Syrian-Mesopotamian crisis

On Thursday, May 14, five students presented papers at the first IWP Student Symposium. The event, entitled “The Greater Syrian-Mesopotamian Crisis,” was organized by IWP Student Ambassadors Jaime Loizzo and Katrina Klaus, in conjunction with the Institute and the student publication Journal of Intelligence and Strategic Studies.

A list of the topics and speakers appears below:

Iranian Air Defense
David Maxwell
(Note: This lecture was off the record.) 

Across Borders: A Jaziran State
Tyler Black

The Human Factor: A Society Changed By Environment and Economic Devastation 
Austin Rettig

Iraqi Youth Fight for Iran’s Empire
Nathan Fiala

Assyrians of Iraq: Cultural Identity and Conflict
Alexander Cunningham

The papers on which these presentations were based will be published in the next edition of the Journal of Intelligence and Strategic Studies.