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IWP alumnus discusses integrated strategy and information warfare at InfowarCon

IWP alumnus Max Macrides gave a presentation entitled “Freeing the Empire of the Mind: Memetic Warfare and International Strategy” at InfowarCon 2015. InfowarCon is an invitational information warfare congress uniting cyber leaders and thinkers from around the world to examine and neutralize hostile uses of cyber and other related information technologies.

As a theorist who specialized in information and political warfare at IWP, he discussed the importance of integrated strategy in information warfare. Specifically, Max debuted his new theory on memetic warfare as a new method of strategic information warfare. Not only is Max’s method non-violent, but it provides a comprehensive and low cost alternative to military power for low-intensity, drawn out conflicts.

Max graduated from IWP in Spring 2013 with a Master of Arts in Statecraft and National Security.