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IWP alumnus John Scimone to head security at Dell

John ScimoneJohn Scimone (’10) recently accepted a position as Chief Security Officer at Dell.  In this role, he will lead the company’s global corporate security program, aiding Dell’s businesses in the management of security risk across the physical and cyber domains. 

John came to IWP with a background in computer science.  “When I entered IWP I had a deep technical background in the field of cyber security, but was seeking to broaden my skill set in preparation for my first executive leadership role.  The program at IWP not only allowed me to learn the intelligence trade, but also to study the broad array of instruments of national power that accompany it in the statesman’s tool belt.  I walked away with a firm grasp of leading strategies and practices from these more traditional disciplines, which has enabled me to adapt them to the emerging cyber domain so as to craft more effective security programs for the businesses I am charged to protect.”

Formerly the global head of information security and privacy at Sony and a security leader within the U.S. Department of Defense, John has also been a speaker and advisor for IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative, which offers professional training to help government and private sector executives better understand and utilize the concepts and tradecraft of the traditional intelligence professional.

“I look forward to the new challenges that will be presented by this role at Dell.  In today’s threat environment, businesses must contend with an unprecedented diversity and level of risks, and only through an innovative and agile security program can the risks posed by these threats be effectively managed.  I welcome the opportunity to lead Dell’s physical and cyber security programs and to define integrated strategies that will allow the business to remain resilient while operating in this incredibly austere environment.”

John Scimone at IWP Commencement