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Students and alumni train as private investigators

This month, IWP students and alumni took part in private investigation training to get their Virginia O2E PI certification.  The training, conducted by ASPIS Security Services, took place over the first three weekends in March and met Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) standards for 60 hours of training and practical exercises. Each participant was certified as a private investigator able to contract with PI companies in Virginia. 

Students learned Virginia laws and procedures pertinent to private investigations.  Outside speakers taught participants about cyber capabilities and how to use these to one’s advantage in the course of an investigation. The training also involved practical exercises, including interviewing and interrogation, mobile foot surveillance in the Northern Virginia area, and a written test covering all topics learned during the course.

The instructor, who wishes to remain anonymous, founded ASPIS Protection Services after leaving government service, during which time he served in the military and various law enforcement agencies, as well as part of several counter-narcotic task forces. His last assignment spanned three years in which he worked against drug cartels operating in the southwestern United States. 

The Office of Career Services is currently planning other courses with ASPIS, including another PI course later this year.