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Student Perspectives: Course on Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting

Dr. Wayne Schroeder’s course on Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting (IWP 679) will be offered again at IWP this summer.  Below are a few perspectives from students who took this course:

Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam“I strongly believe that the Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting course is an essential course for analysts, policy makers and subject matter experts working in the fields of national security, intelligence, foreign policy and defense. In the real world, execution of all policies and strategies depends on successful resource planning. The course has enabled me to better understand the defense strategy, planning, and budgeting process, which are key tools of statecraft. This one of the best and a unique course offered by IWP. As a scholar, practitioner and policy maker, Dr. Wayne Schroeder teaches this class with outstanding lectures enhanced by a unique syllabus, exciting readings, and stimulating participation. I loved every moment I spent in this course, and it was a lifetime experience.

“As a graduate of IWP and someone with a decade of experience in the field, I highly recommend every IWP student and anyone interested in national security, intelligence, and foreign policy to use this exceptional opportunity and take this course.”

-Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Social Activist, Writer and Political Analyst
Founder, Afghan Anti-Corruption Network

Matthew O'Brien“It’s impossible to truly understand national security policy without comprehending how we, as a nation, define, prioritize and pay for our defense goals. Dr. Schroeder explained the complex defense planning and budgeting process in straightforward, practical terms that made the subject both accessible and comprehensible.”

-Matthew O’Brien
Director of Research, Federation for American Immigration Reform

The course will begin on May 15 and conclude the week of July 3. Please click here to learn more about the course