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IWP alumnus Gene Poteat comments on attacks on American diplomats in Cuba

IWP alumnus and Professor Emeritus Gene Poteat, a former intelligence officer, was quoted in a CNBC article about the investigations into recent attacks on American diplomats in Cuba. The article quoted an article Prof. Poteat had written in the AFIO Intelligencer, stating that: “the attacks were, ‘apparently from an acoustic, sonic, or other type of directed-energy weapon,’ known as a DEW. Poteat examines three possible types of weapons: infrasound, sounds below 20 Hz; ultrasound, those above 20,000 Hz; or microwave.”

Prof. Poteat believes the attack was likely microwave because of its ability to be “miniaturized, highly directed, and produce many of the medical problems seen in the Cuba attacks.”

The article also quoted Prof. Poteat as saying: “Whatever is harming U.S. diplomats in Havana has eluded our best doctors, scientists, and intelligence analysts scouring for answers.”

The entire CNBC news article may be found here.