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IWP students visit DIA at the Pentagon

Student Ambassadors with Saddam Hussain's gold-plated Ak-47

Above: IWP students on a visit to the Pentagon, pictured with Saddam Hussein’s gold-plated AK-47.

IWP students recently had the opportunity to visit the Pentagon and meet with Defense Intelligence Agency officials for a private luncheon.

Students took part in a public tour and then got a private experience being shown corridors the public generally does not see.

Following the tour, students were invited to a luncheon with former IWP student James Noone, the Director of International Partner Engagement at the DIA, and two of his colleagues, Amber Mann and Diego Chojkier.

Students discussed their career goals and received first-hand advice concerning working in the intelligence community and national security field.

IWP student Daniel Suitor had this to say: “Being able to meet with such experienced individuals and hear their stories was an opportunity second to none. Joining the intelligence community or national security field is incredibly daunting and the advice we were given will certainly prove useful in the future.”

IWP is incredibly grateful to Mr. Noone, Ms. Mann, and Mr. Chojkier for facilitating such an amazing experience for our students.