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Alumnus Benjamin Fricke edits publication on geopolitics and the South Caucasus

Geopolitic and Security CoverIWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke (MA ’13) was an editor for a publication entitled Geopolitics and Strategy, A New Strategy for the South Caucasus, sponsored by The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), and The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP).

The publication is a compilation of multiple papers written about the South Caucasus containing insights from multiple scholars on topics ranging from geopolitics to energy policy.

As one of three editors for the publication, Mr. Fricke contributed to its introduction and conclusion. He and his fellow editors describe the current situation in the South Caucasus region and explain the factors affecting the area. Notably, they state that the region lacks a sense of identity and should not be considered a cohesive region with similar ideology and actions. They also touched on the dynamic between Russia and Europe as both sides try to influence the South Caucasus.

The publication concludes with the three editors summarizing the work. They explain that Western European actors and the United States are playing less of a role in the South Caucasus in comparison to the regional powers in the area. They then analyze the political and geopolitical situations of each country in the South Caucasus. The publication ends with a warning that South Caucasus region is on the table and it is up to Europe to decide its fate.

Mr. Fricke is currently serving as a Scientific Associate with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and represents this organization in the Caucasus. In March 2017, he gave a lecture on Georgia’s domestic politics and its relations with the EU and Russia.

Please click here to read the full publication: Download file Geopolitics and Security