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New doctoral program is underway with its first two students

Having launched a Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional) program in November 2017, IWP has enrolled its first ever class of doctoral students this spring. Mr. Brandon Weichert and Captain Paris Michaels are beginning the program this semester.

Paris Michaels is an airline Captain and holder of two IWP Master’s degrees. He holds aviation speed records and has scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro with an IWP banner in hand.

Paris Michaels

Above: Captain Paris Michaels at IWP Commencement, 2010.

During the doctoral program, he plans to examine the Eastern Mediterranean region in depth. He notes, “The U.S. role in stabilization of the region should continue to be one of leadership and guidance.”

Upon joining the program, Paris commented: “The Institute of World Politics tells it like it was, as it is, and what the globe might expect to see in the future in terms of peace, conflict, and economics through a realistic lens of fact, research, and analysis. From ‘gnat-warfare’* tactics to Cyber Security and Space-domination, IWP presents diplomacy and dynamic international perspectives as a foundational mold for the student to interpret indicators of problems as pathways to solutions.”

Brandon Weichert graduated from IWP in 2016. The founder of news and analysis website The Weichert Report, Brandon has returned to the Institute to guest lecture on multiple occasions, covering topics from the challenge of defense in space to Russian foreign policy.

Brandon Weichert

Above: Brandon Weichert at IWP Commencement, 2016.

Of the doctoral program, he stated, “IWP continues to be on the cutting-edge of graduate-level education for national security professionals. Its Master’s programs are highly coveted by employers; the students of these programs are highly competent professionals–all of whom have an intricate understanding of not only the mechanics of foreign and national security policy, but also they understand why and how the United States conducts itself internationally.

“As one of the first students in IWP’s professional doctorate program, I know that I will be ready to serve the needs of our country. Since the program focuses on the professional rather than the academic side of national security, doctoral students at IWP will be able to create a healthy work-life balance and also gain the practical elements of the trade. I feel like I am a part of something truly innovative.”

IWP’s doctoral program is unique in the United States. Analogous to a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), it is tailored toward national security professionals as opposed to those who wish to pursue a teaching career. It requires 52 credits beyond a Master’s degree and a mastery of three areas of study: principles of statecraft and strategy, a functional concentration focusing on one specific art of statecraft, and a regional concentration.

* In this context, “gnat warfare” refers to warfare conducted by a deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles ranging in size from simulated mechanical insects to small drones undetectable by radar which can be controlled (and are currently being used by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military) for either surveillance or delivery of ordnance or other devices.