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Six alumni deliver business intelligence on key developing countries at Storm King Analytics

SKA Alumni

Above: Three of the six IWP alumni who are currently working with Storm King Analytics.

IWP alumni Sam Greenwood, Tibor Babic, Mittul Pattni, Nik Hanlon, Jessica B, and Alex Cunningham have joined veteran-owned startup Storm King Analytics as the D.C. based analyst cell.

Storm King Analytics is a network analysis company that grew out of West Point’s Network Science Center where the team was working on counter-insurgency/counter-terrorism issues. The founder, Dan Evans, took the network-centric tools and methodologies he used in the military and is now applying them to organizations operating and investing in frontier/emerging markets.

“The IWP education has been instrumental in our team’s success to see through the ambiguities of the developing world and deliver clear, reliable intelligence,” commented Sam. 

The company is pioneering a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that will deliver deep, multi-layered insights on any operating environment and its key players. This intelligence will enable users to plan more effectively and operate more efficiently by generating proposed courses of action based off the way the network will react to the proposed plan, allowing users to see two or three steps ahead of their competitors. 

If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign up for the Storm King Analytics twice monthly newsletter, please contact Sam at