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Perspectives from the Class of 2019

Cap and Gown 2019

Above: Graduates gathered for the Cap and Gown Party to celebrate the Class of 2019.

As they prepare to graduate, members of the Class of 2019 reflect on their experiences at IWP: 


“I learned more about myself at IWP than I was expecting to. I thought I wanted to do counterterrorism, but I am now on a counterintelligence track because of IWP.”
– An anonymous member of the Class of 2019


“I was used to a tactical-level type of thinking. This program taught me to think strategically.”
– Alex AhumadaPuente

Tobias Brandt

“My first semester at IWP was truly enlightening. I had a blast coming here for my classes on international relations, American founding principles, and the Western moral tradition. My time at IWP has challenged and informed my worldview, and given me an understanding of eternal principles and the nature of the international system.” 
– Tobias Brandt

Isaac Brocato

“Almost every semester, my classes have been integrated somehow. This semester, I took Economics for Foreign Policymakers and Economic Statecraft. They go together but offer different perspectives for a more holistic view of the modern geoeconomic landscape.”
– Isaac Brocato 

Roger Myers

“I cannot say enough about IWP. I truly enjoyed my time; albeit a considerable amount of nights and every weekend for two years, but the professionalism, lectures, symposiums, Christmas party, students and facility make this institution a mountain among hills. I have learned so much more I wish I could have learned when I was younger and in the prime of my career.”
-Roger Myers, Director, Combat Sustainment Systems, Acquisition and Systems Management Directorate, Department of the Army

Kelly Zug

“My only regret is not finding IWP sooner.”
– Kelly Zug


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