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IWP students and interns create videos promoting human rights

IWP students and interns have created videos to highlight human rights issues in a practicum project for the Institute’s Center for Human Rights and International Affairs. This project, called the Universal Rights Digital Media Initiative, was designed to facilitate student and intern involvement in developing media messages.

Videos created by the students and interns thus far discuss issues relating to totalitarian regimes’ abuses of power. Other videos portrayed the effect that modern social media has on human rights movements against totalitarian regimes.

The ability to be involved in video creation allows IWP’s students and interns to apply what they have learned through their studies and gain practical experience to apply in their future endeavors. 

As the Center is a partnership between IWP and nonprofit Good of All, the videos created by IWP students and interns have been posted on Good of All’s Human Rights Network, a popular channel with over 42,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of views on each video.

The Center is headed by Matt Daniels, J.D., Ph.D., who is the founder of Good of All, and who teaches a course at IWP on human rights and counter-radicalization.

The videos created by IWP students and interns may be found at the links below:

By Issue:

Torture:  The Dark Knight

Equality for Women:  Shrek

Racial Discrimination:  Jungle Book

Human Trafficking:  Rape in the Name of Religion

By Genre:

Videogames:   Spec Ops – The Line

Documentaries:   Suicide Killer – Paradise Is Hell

SciFi/Fantasy:   Captain America – Winter Soldier

Comedy/Satire:    Real Housewives of ISIS

Animated Features:   Toy Story 3