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Alumnus Rob Townley aids in the delivery of face masks during the pandemic

As Head of Maersk Special Project Logistics, Rob Townley, an alumnus of The Institute of World Politics, was recently placed on a project to deliver millions of face masks to Canada from China. While face masks and such protective gear have been in high demand over the past few months, Canada ordered face masks by the millions from suppliers in China. However, as flights from China have been non-existent, the Canadian government looked to Maersk Special Project Logistics for help.

In the difficult conditions produced by the coronavirus pandemic, and under Rob’s leadership, Maersk managed to deliver 45 million masks to Canada within ten days of first discussing the situation with Canada.

Rob recently did an interview with The Wall Street Journal about this feat, as well as some of the humanitarian work that his team does.

Mr. Townley is also a former U.S. Marine and has worked for the Department of Defense.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal

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