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IWP group attends DIA hiring event, receives job offers

Six IWP students, alumni, and interns applied to a recent hiring event with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) this past March, and, as of this August, all six received offers of employment to become DIA Intelligence Analysts or to work in mission management.

IWP Career Services played a significant role in assisting the IWP group. IWP Director of Career Services, Derrick Dortch, helped members of the group to develop targeted resumes and prepare for their interviews.

Members of this group had taken IWP classes which also made a significant impact on their preparation for their DIA interviews. Several took advantage of other IWP programs, like the Baltic Storm crisis simulation, the Alumni Networking Program, and IWP’s “Mentoring Thursdays” with alumni and students.

Mr. Dortch commented: “They were able to share what they are learning, researching/analyzing, and doing at IWP. In each case, it was what IWP provided them that made the difference in DIA wanting to hire them.”

Congratulations, IWPers!

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*Article updated 8/25/20 to reflect that six, instead of five, IWPers received DIA offers.