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Alumnus wins two prestigious awards for counterintelligence work

This month, an IWP alumnus has received two prestigious awards: one for Best Collector in the Department of Defense (DoD), and one for Best Counterintelligence Team in DoD.

His IWP education has contributed significantly to this alumnus’ ability to obtain and maximize strategic intelligence. These efforts ranged from disrupting adversarial networks to neutralizing blackmail, and destroying over $1 billion in adversarial activity. The impact will last into the 2030s.

“One of the most important contributions IWP can make is the education of counterintelligence professionals who both appreciate the larger geopolitical challenges and have mastery of the seldom-taught art of counterintelligence, so they can respond and defeat the efforts of our adversaries,” commented IWP Chairman John Lovewell.

M.A. in Strategic Intelligence Studies

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