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Perspectives from the Class of 2021

During what would have been their Commencement week, members of the Class of 2021 reflect on their experiences at IWP. IWP plans to celebrate their achievements with an in-person ceremony this September. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Yael de la Cruz Balboa

“IWP provided me with the necessary skills to understand the threats of the modern day and taught me how to differentiate opinion from reality.
-Yael de la Cruz Balboa

Phoebe Gor

IWP has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge on international affairs and the importance of history when seeking alternative solutions to present and future world problems.”
-Phoebe Gor

Caroline Hickey

The more I get involved in the IWP community, the more confident I am about graduating and starting my career. If you keep an open mind, you can learn some fascinating things in unexpected places. I have met some incredible people during my time here and made life-long connections. Shout out to my IWP quarantine bubble that has been my rock for the past year, and thank you to the Professors who’ve made Zoom class still feel normal.”
-Caroline Hickey

“IWP gave me the tools to have a successful career in the world of national security; the professors are unmatched experts. The mission focus of the school creates a rigorous and stimulating academic environment that I have not seen elsewhere.”
-Evan Maguire

IWP has afforded me the opportunity to meet incredible professors. I cherish the advice they offered: converse with one another to break down barriers and stay humble.”

“I cannot say enough about the professors, staff, at IWP, this is truly a school that will help you if you make the effort. You’ll find that IWP’s curriculum is practical for any career you pursue in national security or diplomacy.”

“The class of 2021 has truly learned what it means to react, adapt, and overcome during COVID-19. This has been an experience that is far from normal, but despite it all, the attention from our professors was impeccable, and I feel well-equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s new world.”
-Shannon Froysa

Letter to the Class of 2021 from the President

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