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Alumni Spotlight: Major Wulf Lindenau, USA (’01)

Wulf LindenauMajor Wulf Lindenau, USA was in one of IWP’s very first graduating classes and earned a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence in 2001. He came to IWP at the end of his career, after serving in the Army for over two decades, and subsequently in civilian government service for over 23 years. Although he already had significant experience in intelligence from his own career, he found that IWP was full of knowledgeable people and very much enjoyed his time studying at the Institute.

Serving the United States

Originally from East Prussia, Germany, Major Lindenau was born during WWII. He became an American citizen after his mother married a U.S. Army Colonel who was on the staff with General George S. Patton.

Major Lindenau proceeded to spend  his life serving the United States, first in a career with the U.S. Army, then in working with the federal government, and finally in volunteering with veterans organizations upon retirement.

During his 20 and a half  years in the Army, he did two tours of duty in Vietnam, taught at West Point, and served an Intelligence Officer. He was awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

After his Army career, Major Lindenau served as a Security Officer with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. He then became the Director of Physical Security for all worldwide missions of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). He next served as the National Director of Operations, and later Director, for the General Services Administration (GSA)’s Federal Protective Service (FPS), the police security division responsible for protecting federal facilities and their occupants. (The FPS is now part of the Department of Homeland Security.)

Following his federal service, Major Lindenau served as Commander General of The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW) from 2011-13. He also served as Commander of the American Legion, Washington, D.C. He also was Commander of the Army Navy Union, Washington, D.C.

Portrait of the IWP Class of 2001
Wulf Lindenau (right) with his graduating class in May 2001. Jeane Kirkpatrick, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, was the Commencement speaker.

Studying at IWP

It was at this point in his career – when he was retired and volunteering for veterans organizations – that Major Lindenau came to IWP. He had met IWP founder Dr. John Lenczowski through other organizations in D.C, and like the IWP events and classes so much that he brought other friends to participate as well.

He took courses on Intelligence and Policy, Comparative Intelligence Systems, Intelligence and Protective Security, and Strategic Information Warfare.

“I made a lot of friends there with similar backgrounds – sometimes remarkable backgrounds,” remembers Major Lindenau.

He remembers studying with late IWP professor General Walter Jajko – “He became a personal friend the moment I met him. He liked the Germans, which I thought was unusual. He wanted me to come to DoD to run one of the divisions, but I didn’t want to! When he died, it was like losing a brother,” said Major Lindenau.

Major Lindenau now lives in Georgia, where he has been continuing his volunteer work, most recently serving on the Executive Committee of the American Legion in Atlanta.

Wulf Lindenau receiving his diploma
Wulf Lindenau receiving his diploma from Dr. John Lenczowski, who was President of IWP at the time.

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