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Brian Smith (’17) helps launch new security service for general aviation aircraft

Reagan National Airport

Brian J. Smith (’17) has helped his firm, Global Security Resolutions (GSR), launch a new security service for corporate and private aviation aircraft entering or leaving Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA).

This new Armed Security Officer (ASO) program is run through the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Air Marshals Service. GSR now has four additional credentialed personnel in this program who are experienced in law enforcement, federal dignitary protection, and international travel. GSR has been authorized to provide this armed security on all Washington, D.C. private or charter flights that land or depart from DCA.

Brian is a cofounder and partner of GSR, where he brings extensive experience from a 26-year career in federal law enforcement. He and two colleagues founded GSR after Brian graduated from IWP with an Executive M.A. in National Security Affairs.

GSR builds on Brian’s and his colleagues’ experience and conducts complex international investigations, security vulnerability assessments, discrete emergency crisis response work, keynotes, training, and certifications. The company is based in New York City and serves clients worldwide.

Brian feels that his IWP experience contributed to his success with GSR and in his government work. He commented: “My experience at IWP was one of the most fundamental positive academic endeavors of my career as a federal agent (GS-1811-15) Criminal Investigator and in my subsequent positions supporting National Security and including my personal life. There is no doubt in my mind or my partners’ opinion that my education at IWP is one of the valued attributes of our firm.”

For more information about GSR, please reach out to Brian at (646) 423-5380.

Brian J Smith at graduation
Brian Smith at IWP Commencement in 2017.

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