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Rebecca Wostenberg addresses challenges in directed energy weapons supply chains

Rebecca Wostenberg (’14) has played a pivotal role in shedding light on the challenges within directed energy weapons (DEWs) supply chains. Her contributions to the Emerging Technology Institute’s Directed Energy Weapons Supply Chain Report offers valuable insights into addressing the intricate issues hindering the scalability and effectiveness of these innovative technologies.

Rebecca’s insights emphasize the importance of implementing strategic measures to overcome these obstacles. She highlights the necessity of establishing consistent demand signals from the U.S. Department of Defense to catalyze industry investment in DEW supply chains. Moreover, she underscores the need for international collaboration to bolster testing capabilities and diversify critical material sources, ensuring the resilience and efficacy of DEW systems. Rebecca’s recommendations also emphasize the importance of enhancing domestic production capacity for critical raw materials essential for DEWs, such as germanium, gallium, and rare earth elements (REEs).

In addition to her contributions to the Directed Energy Weapons Supply Chain Report, Rebecca, alongside Mark Neice, authored an insightful article in National Defense Magazine. Their collaborative effort emphasizes the transformative potential of directed energy weapons and the imperative need to address supply chain vulnerabilities. The article aligns closely with the recommendations outlined in the report, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to enhance the resilience, health, and security of DEW supply chains.

To learn more about the directed energy weapons, feel free to read the report or the article.

Below is a video of the report’s launch event, where Rebecca spoke: