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Special Collections

The Dr. Thomas Blau Collection

About the donor: Dr. Thomas Blau is a former professor with the National Defense University, where he also served as the director of the National Security and Process Department and Special Assistant to the Vice President/Academic Affairs.

About the collection: Dr. Blau’s personal collection includes approximately 400 books on national security affairs, East Asia, business, economics, and the Middle East/terrorism.

The Prof. David Burgess Collection

About the donor: David Burgess served on the IWP faculty for many years in the early 2000s. He received a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s of Science from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1978. From there, he had a lengthy and memorable career in the field of International Affairs as the Director of Planning and Policy Analysis for the U.S. Peace Corps and later became a Senior Official in the U.S. Department of State.

About the collection: Mr. Burgess’ collection includes approximately 300 books on topics such as intelligence, espionage, history, and international relations.

The William J. Casey Collection

About the donor: William J. Casey was one of the most historically important statesmen in the modern history of the United States. His contributions to the conduct of the Cold War were among the most creative and strategic factors leading to the defeat of Soviet communism and the liberation of millions of people enslaved behind the Iron Curtain. He made these contributions in his capacities as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) – the leader of the entire multi-agency intelligence community – and as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in particular.

About the collection: The donation of William J. Casey’s private library is comprised of over 1,000 volumes. This special collection is housed independently of the Institute’s general collection and can be found on the first floor of Bently Hall. All the books are held in reserve and displayed on high bookshelves in a corner office, preserving a sense of the collection’s personal nature. Mr. Casey’s varied interests and intellectual curiosity are evident in the wide range of topics addressed in his library. Certain themes, however, are prominent: the relevance of faith, the importance of history, and the robust demands of national security. This collection was donated to IWP in 2002 by the William and Sophia Casey Foundation, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Owen Smith. The Foundation’s Chairman, Bernadette Smith, is the daughter of the late William Casey. Mr. Smith is Chairman Emeritus of IWP. More about the Casey Collection→

William J. Casey
William J. Casey

The Nicholas Dujmovic Collection

About the donor: After 26 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, Dr. Dujmovic is now the director of intelligence studies at Catholic University. Previously, he spent 14 years in the United States Coast Guard. During his time at the CIA, he worked as an analyst on the USSR and East Europe and later became a speechwriter for the Director of Central Intelligence. Dr. Dujmovic also became a member of the CIA history staff for eleven years, documenting the Agency’s culture, operations, and historiography through classified and unclassified documents. Dr. Dujmovic is also a Deacon of the Orthodox Church in Falls Church, Virginia.

About the collection: While working at the CIA, Dr. Dujmovic was able to preserve, and subsequently donate to The Institute of World Politics Library in 2019, the 51-volume Great Soviet Encyclopedia, which was a part of the CIA headquarters’ library. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia is one of the largest Russian-language encyclopedias, published by the Soviet Union from 1926 to 1990. It was designed to promote the Communist ideology and Soviet patriotism in Soviet children, among other things.

The Prof. John Dziak Collection

About the donor: Dr. John Dziak is the co-founder and President of Dziak Group, Inc., a consulting firm in the fields of intelligence, counterintelligence, counter-deception, national security affairs, and technology transfer. His clients are found in industry, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Defense. He is a Distinguished Fellow in Intelligence Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council.  Dr. Dziak also is a Senior Fellow at the International Assessment & Strategy Center for counterintelligence, terrorism, and strategic deception issues. He has served five decades as a company President and as a senior intelligence officer (SES-4) and executive in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and in the Defense Intelligence Agency, with long experience in weapons proliferation intelligence, counterintelligence, hostile deception, strategic intelligence, and intelligence education. He currently is a professor of intelligence and national security studies at IWP.

About the Collection: The 280-book collection covers a range of topics regarding intelligence, counterintelligence, counter-deception, national security affairs, and technology transfer. It also includes an extensive Cold War and Russian history collection.

The Human Rights Collection

About the collection: This collection of books on human rights and soft power is intended to serve as a resource for IWP students who are researching issues related to human rights around the world.

More about the Human Rights Collection→

The General Walter Jajko, USAF (Ret.) Collection

About the donor: Gen. Walter Jajko had a distinguished career that spanned military strategy and intelligence. He served many years with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, was assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight, was director of the Special Advisory Staff at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, and served as the long-range planning chief at the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. He was a professor of military strategy at IWP for nearly a decade.

About the collection: Marilyn Jajko, wife of the late General Jajko, donated nearly 2,000 books from the General’s collection to IWP in 2017. The titles include books on the various topics taught at the Institute, such as history, geography, political theory, philosophy, theology, and current events. The books include the Jajko family crest on the inside cover in honor of the late professor.

General Walter Jajko, USAF (Ret.)
General Walter Jajko, USAF (Ret.)

The Prof. Brian Kelley Collection

About the donor: Prof. Brian Kelley spent over 40 years in the counterintelligence field, serving both in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Central Intelligence Agency’s counterespionage branch. While in the CIA, he was involved in a number of crucial espionage cases and uncovered a Soviet method used to communicate clandestinely with deep-cover agents. Prof. Kelley was also the subject of a famous FBI investigation that was searching for a mole in the US government. In 2001, he was cleared of all charges after FBI agent Robert Hanssen was arrested for the crime. Upon his retirement from the CIA, Prof. Kelley was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. Experiences like these exemplified Prof. Kelley’s character, endurance, and insight, making him an exceptional professor at IWP, where he taught for many years.

About the collection: Professor Kelley’s personal collection of nearly 400 books was donated to IWP in 2013. The collection features a number of works related to Prof. Kelley’s specialization, but it also represents his broader philosophical interests and scholarly pursuits. The donated materials are integrated into the Institute’s library collection, and a special inscription signifies each book.

More about the Kelley Collection→

Prof. Brian Kelley
Professor Brian Kelley

The Mary Kohler Collection

About the donor: Mary Kohler and her late husband Terry were instrumental in the founding of the Institute.  They always preferred seed funding investments, and, as a result, donated the largest infusion of funds to IWP in its first year of existence. IWP President John Lenczowski said: “IWP might never have gotten off the ground without Terry and Mary. For this, I will be eternally grateful.”

About the collection: This collection is comprised of 1,500 National Geographic magazines from the 20th century. They cover topics ranging from Cold War military strategy to various scientific and archeological discoveries.

Michael Maibach Collection

About the donor: Michael Maibach is an IWP alumnus and has served on the Board of Trustees since June 2019. He led the Global Government Affairs Department of Intel Corporation for 18 years as its first Vice President. He then went on to become the President and CEO of the European-American Business Council. He currently sits on several non-profit boards and is the Managing Director and Trustee of the James Wilson Institute.

About the collection: Mr. Maibach donated over 400 books of his personal library to IWP. The topics include history, politics, the art of business, economics, and current events.

The Dr. Stefan Possony Collection

About the donor: Dr. Possony was a Senior Fellow and the director of International Studies at the Hoover Institution, and he co-founded the ISSA with Mr. Copley in 1972. The distinguished economist and military historian was perhaps most famous for conceiving the Reagan-era U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative.

About the collection: Dr. Possony’s personal collection was donated to the IWP library in February 2019 by Mr. Gregory Copley and Mrs. Pamela von Gruber Copley of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA). Over 70 boxes of books are being added to the library’s vast catalog, covering subjects such as World Wars I and II, the Russian and Chinese revolutions, the Cold War, the development of air power, space and rockets, psychological operations, Possony’s personal research, and more. Some of the most unique additions are transcripts of the Kennedy Assassination hearings, transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, and other monographs and articles written by Dr. Possony himself.


The Prof. Gene Poteat Collection

About the Donor: Prof. Gene Poteat, former Scientific Intelligence Officer and one of the fathers of electronic intelligence warfare, was a recipient of the CIA’s Intelligence Medal of Merit and the National Reconnaissance Office Meritorious Civilian Award. He was also one of IWP’s first master’s degree recipients in 2002. Later, he taught classes at IWP and is now a Professor Emeritus.

About the Collection: Prof. Poteat donated 73 books on intelligence and related topics to the IWP library in October 2019.

Of the time he spent studying at IWP, Professor Poteat recalls:  “At the time, I recognized there were no books or library to support professors Ken deGraffenreidDr. John Dziak, and Henry Sokolski. They relied on their extensive experience and often loaned out their few personal books to students. An IWP library was eventuality created, but their donated books were limited and often more about politics than intelligence. Over the years, I had collected many books especially useful for professors and serious students studying intelligence. Upon my recent retirement, I decided to donate my library to IWP to enhance their new and expanding library.”

This collection was sought after by several colleges and includes many rare intelligence books that are not available elsewhere.

Professor Gene Poteat
Professor Gene Poteat

The David Satter Collection

About the donor: David Satter, a former Moscow correspondent for the Hudson Institute, is a longtime observer of Russia and the Soviet Union. He is now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a fellow of the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

About the collection: The personal collection of Mr. Satter includes 30 Volumes of the 3rd and last edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

The Wallace Spaulding Collection

About the donor: Wallace Spaulding was in charge of international communist affairs during his time as an analyst with the CIA. He also specialized in Southeast Asian and Pacific Affairs.

About the collection: Mr. Spaulding’s first donation to the IWP library was significant and contained quite a few books on Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. His second donation in 2020 included 26 volumes of the Yearbook for International Communist Affairs published by the Hoover Institution. This yearbook is probably the definitive scholarly reference guide to international communist movements and parties all around the world. Several sections of the yearbook were written by Mr. Spaulding himself. In addition to the yearbook, Mr. Spaulding donated a copy of his book Is the Comintern Coming Back?

The Fritz Kreamer Microfiche Archive

About the donor: The Institute of World Politics Library received a microfiche archive of Dr. Fritz Kreamer from Dr. Kraemer’s son, Sven Kreamer. Dr. Kraemer was an American educator and a Senior Civilian Advisor to the Army Chief of Staff. He is credited with discovering Henry Kissinger, whom Kreamer had recruited into Army division. It is believed that Dr. Kreamer has influenced Dr. Kissinger more any other person.

About the archive: The archive contains hundreds of news articles with Dr. Kraemer’s personal notes.