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The Brian J. Kelley Collection

Brian KelleyIn November 2013, nearly 400 books from the late Professor Brian J. Kelley’s personal collection were donated to The Institute of World Politics. As a faculty member at IWP, Prof. Kelley specialized in counterintelligence studies and is remembered as a beloved instructor by both graduates and faculty alike. The donated materials are integrated into the Institute’s library collection, and a special inscription signifies each book. Naturally, the special collection features a number of works related to Prof. Kelley’s specialization, but it also represents his broader philosophical interests and scholarly pursuits.

Prof. Kelley spent over 40 years in the counterintelligence field, serving both in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Central Intelligence Agency’s counterespionage branch. While in the CIA, he was involved in a number of crucial espionage cases and uncovered a Soviet method used to communicate clandestinely with deep-cover agents. Prof. Kelley was also the subject of a famous FBI investigation that was searching for a mole in the US government. In 2001, he was cleared of all charges after FBI agent Robert Hanssen was arrested for the crime. Upon his retirement from the CIA, Prof. Kelley was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. Experiences like these exemplified Prof. Kelley’s character, endurance, and insight, making him an exceptional professor.

During Prof. Kelley’s time as a faculty member, he made a significant impact on IWP. The Institute is honored to have received this gift and to extend the moral and intellectual legacy of this great man.

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