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The William J. Casey Collection

Casey DCI PortraitIn June 2002, the Institute received a generous gift from longtime benefactors at the William and Sophia Casey Foundation.  Mr. and Mrs. Owen Smith, who have both served the school greatly, facilitated the donation of William J. Casey’s private library of over 1,000 volumes. The Foundation’s Chairman, Bernadette Smith, is the daughter of the late William Casey, former Director of Central Intelligence. Mr. Smith is currently the Chairman of IWP’s Board of Trustees.

This special collection is housed independently of the Institute’s general collection and can be found on the first floor of Bently Hall. All the books are held in reserve and displayed on high bookshelves in a corner office, preserving a sense of the collection’s personal nature. Mr. Casey’s varied interests and intellectual curiosity are evident in the wide range of topics addressed in his library. Certain themes, however, are prominent: the relevance of faith, the importance of history, and the robust demands of national security.

Mr. Casey’s commitment to public service is evident in his collection.  IWP is proud to provide this special library which reflects the Institute’s philosophy that a moral foundation is required to practice the various arts of statecraft effectively and ethically. It is grateful for the provision of Mr. Casey’s collection, the partnership of the Casey Foundation, and the many contributions of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Smith.

Read reflections about the life of William J. Casey by John Lenczowski, founder and president of The Institute of World Politics.

The William J. Casey Collection