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Enrollment Certification

Requesting a Certification of Enrollment

Certifications of Enrollment are commonly requested for employment, loan deferment, training verifications, and insurance. We can certify enrollment, registration, graduation status, and academic standing. We can also process deferments for school loans.  Any information that is based on and supported by the academic record of the student can be certified.

Requests take approximately three business days to complete, but will take longer during especially busy times of the year such as the first two weeks of the semester.

There is no charge for a certification, and it can be obtained by filling out a Request for Certification Services Form: Certification Request Form and mailing, hand-delivering, or faxing it to:

Registrar’s Office
The Institute of World Politics
1521 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC  20036

Fax: (571) 931-2010

Types of Certifications

Letters of Academic Standing

Letters of Academic Standing are produced for current students who request confirmation of their academic standing at the Institute.  The letter will only state whether or not the student is in good academic standing.  Any additional information, such as GPA (grade point average), must be specifically indicated on the request form.

Letters of Enrollment

Letters of Enrollment are used for a variety of purposes, including parking permits, loan deferments, and insurance verifications.  These letters primarily certify the semesters in which a student is or has been enrolled; the dates of those semesters; and the student’s enrollment status (full-time, half-time, or less than half-time).  Only past and present semesters can be certified.  Other information can be included as long as it can be supported by the student’s academic record. Official letters of enrollment can not be processed until the first day of classes of the “present semester”- even if registration exists.

Loan Forms

Loan Forms, once submitted to a lender, may allow a student to defer repayment of a student loan.  Typically, these forms certify a student’s enrollment dates, status, and anticipated date of graduation.  Lenders will usually provide a student with the deferment form, but if one has not been provided, our Student Information Services department can produce a letter.  Information that has not been specifically requested will not be provided. Only past and present semesters can be certified.  (If a semester has not yet started, it is not a “present semester” – even if registration exists.)

Student’s Release

The student’s signature of release must appear on all Certifications of Enrollment Requests. Certifications will not be sent out automatically, nor will telephone or email requests be honored.


For questions or additional information, please contact Iman Riddick, Registrar, at or 202-462-2101.