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Personal Information Change

Name Changes

A student’s name of record includes first name, middle initial or full middle name and the family name. Nicknames may not be used. IWP will change the name of a currently enrolled student on its official records upon request in writing requiring evidence of a legal basis for the change. The name change, together with other permanently maintained records, will be filed under the new name and cross-referenced under the old name.

The name of record on your academic record is “frozen” once you graduate or stop attending. IWP is under no obligation to record a change of name for students who are not currently enrolled, including those who have graduated, and will not do so without a court order.

A name change requires a signed, completed Name Change Form and an original or notarized copy of one of the following documents:

  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court Ordered Name Change
  • (A Passport IS NOT acceptable documentation)

Social Security Number Changes

A social security number change requires a signed, completed Social Security Change Form and an original or notarized copy of the social security card.

Address Changes

It is very important that IWP has the most current address information (both physical address and e-mail) for you, as most of the communication that is sent from IWP is disseminated by mail or e-mail. Please be sure to report all address/e-mail and contact information changes and updates to the Registrar’s Office immediately. You can do this by sending an email to the Registrar at