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Start your career in the National Security community. The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security, intelligence, and international affairs

Study Defense & Military Strategy Online

Spring 2024 Application Deadline: December 1

Defense studies is an essential pursuit for those interested in contributing to the safety and stability of nations, while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the strategic policy decisions that shape global security. Through entering a Master’s degree program at IWP, you will explore the intricacies of military strategy, national security planning, geography, and geopolitical dynamics, providing you with a solid foundation to make informed decisions and develop effective solutions to complex homeland security challenges. The sense of purpose, diverse opportunities for professional growth (as an analyst, policy advisor, or homeland security expert), and the ability to make a lasting impact on the world make studying defense, counterterrorism, and military strategy at IWP an invaluable academic endeavor and fulfilling career. Your desk is waiting.

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Our graduates are already serving at the highest levels of the State Department, Defense Department and other executive branch intelligence agencies. We provide a useful education to help you excel in your career and get the desk you deserve.


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Career Placement Services

Our students benefit from a dedicated Career Services team that actively works to identify and cultivate relationships with employers and organizations in your fields of study. IWP’s strong connections with government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations open doors to exclusive internships, networking events, and job opportunities, positioning students for success in their chosen fields. Our tailored career coaching and professional development resources, such as workshops, seminars, and one-on-one guidance, ensure that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this highly competitive job market. By choosing IWP, you will not only receive a world-class education but also gain access to an invaluable network and comprehensive support system that empowers them to launch and advance their careers with confidence.

Learn from Intelligence, Diplomatic, and National Security Professionals

At IWP, you will learn how to influence global leaders on the world stage. Our faculty has extensive experience in the field, allowing them to provide the best education to our students. With experienced diplomats, intelligence, and military professionals teaching you what it’s really like in the field, you will gain a vast array of practical knowledge to support your strong academic learning at IWP. Our courses are tailored to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current world and its complexity, by having those who have already sat at the desk you seek teach them.

"The education here provides a foundation for anything that you could possibly want to do in intelligence, national security, or the diplomatic realm."

Joshua Drusbacky (’19)

Army Officer and Analyst for the U.S. Government

Upcoming Military Strategy & Defense Classes

IWP / IWPO 628 | Military Strategy: Theory & Practice | Dr. Christopher Harmon

This course examines the theory and practice of strategy, the use of force and other instruments of power to achieve the goals of the state in the international system. We first look at the theorists of strategy and war, and then consider the applicability of their ideas to conflict both past and present. Case studies in the application of strategy in modern large and small wars, including insurgencies. The course concludes with a look at strategies for dealing with a resurgent Russia, a rising China, and groups such as ISIS and Hezbollah, as well as strategies for emerging modes of war such as cyber.

IWP / IWPO 631 | Foreign Propaganda, Perceptions & Policy | Dr. David Glancy

The goal of this course is to prepare the student to recognize and analyze the use of foreign disinformation and propaganda to affect U.S. perceptions and policy formation, and to employ countermeasures against them. This course examines the history, theory and methodology of foreign propaganda and disinformation in modern statecraft, both from democratic and non-democratic countries, with an emphasis on how the practitioners target the United States. It is intended to help prepare the student to recognize foreign propaganda in all its forms, to analyze and isolate it, and to employ countermeasures.

IWP / IWPO 634 | Geography & Strategy | Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz

This eight-week seminar demonstrates the importance of geography to international politics, economics, national security, and strategy. It introduces students to the geographic and geopolitical factors that have shaped the field of world politics. The course explores how geography has helped influence aspects of world history and how it is likely to do so in the future. 


The Institute’s unique courses offer specialized professional education not available anywhere else.  All courses enhance your capacity to understand and address major current issues. Students frequently learn from their classmates, some of whom are officials in agencies of the U.S. and foreign governments. They often receive career advice from, and establish valuable contacts with, fellow students, their professors, and guest lecturers. Your desk is waiting.

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Spring 2024 Application Deadline: December 1