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IWP provides transformative education to help you reach your National Security and career goals – gain expertise, move up in the field or launch a successful career. All online classes maintain IWP’s signature small class sizes for engaged conversations, networking, and personal development. Make yourself invaluable tomorrow by signing up today—your desk is waiting!

Summer course list is below, please fill out the form for more information!


  • IWPO 601 National Security Policy Process (4 credits)
  • IWPO 628 Military Strategy: Theory and Practice (4 credits)
  • IWPO 705 Maritime Strategy in Great Power Competition (2 credits) (July 5 Application Deadline)


  • IWPO 699 Cyber Intelligence Overview (4 credits)
  • IWPO 605 Intelligence and Policy (4 credits)
  • IWPO 652 Estimative Intelligence Analysis and Epistemology (4 credits)
  • IWPO 701 Geospatial Intelligence (2 credits) (July 5 Application Deadline)

Principles of Statecraft and Strategy

  • IWPO 615 Western Moral and Political Thought (2 credits) (July 5 Application Deadline)
  • IWPO 608 American Founding Principles (2 credits) (July 5 Application Deadline)
  • IWPO 627 International Relations, Statecraft, and Integrated Strategy (4 credits)
  • IWPO 636 The Art of Diplomacy (Synchronous) (4 credits)

Economics and Geography

  • IWPO 634 Geography and Strategy (2 credits)
  • IWPO 688 Energy Security and the New Geopolitics of Energy (4 credits)
  • IWPO 707 Economics for Foreign Policy Makers (4 credits)

Take Your Seat

Launch or Advance Your Government Career

Our graduates are already serving at the highest levels of the state department, defense department and other executive level intelligence agencies. We provide a useful education to help you excel in your career and get the desk you deserve.

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  • 97% of our graduates get jobs in their field of interest
  • 7 Different M.A., 17 Graduate Certificates, and 1 Doctorate
  • Meet 1:1 to map out a desired career path and strategy to craft you into the most competitive candidate possible

Career Placement Services

The Institute has a program to help place students in professional positions in government service, government contracting companies, and other relevant private or international organizations. IWP students have enjoyed consistent success in competing for highly selective jobs!

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Learn from Intelligence, Diplomatic, and National Security Professionals

At IWP, you will learn how to influence global leaders on the world stage. Our faculty has extensive experience in the field, allowing them to provide the best education to our students. With experienced diplomats, intelligence, and military professionals teaching you what it’s really like in the field, you will gain a vast array of knowledge. Our courses are tailored to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current world and its complexity.

“The education here provides a foundation for anything that you could possibly want to do in intelligence, national security, or the diplomatic realm.”

Joshua Drusbacky (’19), Army Officer and Analyst for the U.S. Government


The Institute’s unique courses offer specialized professional education not available anywhere. All courses enhance students’ capacity to understand and address major current issues. Students frequently learn from their classmates, some of whom are officials in agencies of the U.S. and foreign governments. They often receive career advice from, and establish valuable contacts with, fellow students, their professors, and guest lecturers.

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Before you take your seat, do you have questions?

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