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Library Essentials: List of Needs

Maintaining and enhancing the Institute’s library resources is an ongoing task. The specialized nature of our library’s collections – concentrated in security studies, diplomacy, communications, international studies, and intelligence – demands constant investment in new books and monographs, together with the need to maintain subscriptions to the foremost journals of these fields.

As it does prior to each school year, the Institute is working to ensure that when classes resume in September, students will have access to the cutting-edge materials they require. A list showing some of the library’s most pressing needs is given below. Please consider contributing to our library’s acquisitions and periodicals budget.

Please contact Dmitry Kulik, Library Manager, for more information:  You can also donate online, and notify that you would like your gift to go the library.

Database or Journal
Annual Subscription
JSTOR Section I
$12,000 for the first year, $3,500 thereafter
JSTOR Archive Sections I and II
$3,000 each (one-time fee)
Academy of Political Science Subscribing Membership
Air & Space Power Journal
American Interest
American Spectator
Armed Forces Journal
China Quarterly
Chronicle of Higher Education
Comparative Strategy
Current History
Demokratizatsiya: the Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization
Diplomacy and Statecraft
Ethics and International Affairs
European Security
First Things
Foreign Affairs
Hoover Digest
Human Events
Intelligence and National Security
Intelligencer – VA
International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
International Security
James Intelligence Review
Journal of Democracy
Journal of Electronic Defense
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal of International Security Affairs
Korea and World Affairs
Middle East Journal
Middle East Policy
Middle East Quarterly
Modern Age
Nation – NY – without Index
National Interest
National Review
New Atlantis
New Republic
New York Times – National and NE ed
Nonproliferation Review
Orbis: Journal of World Affairs
Perspectives on Political Science
Political Science Reviewer
Problems of Post-Communism
Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute
Review of Faith and International Affairs
Russia in Global Affairs
Security Studies
Strategic Survey
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Studies in Intelligence
Time – Domestic edition
US News and World Report – Regular ed
Washington Quarterly
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Weekly Standard
Wilson Quarterly
World Politics
Total (Subscriptions and service charges)

The Institute of World Politics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution, and charitable contributions to IWP are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our federal tax identification number is 52-1699641. State Registration Disclosures are available here.