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What is at stake for America?

IWP: Indispensable for America’s Future

Every part of the IWP community is making signal contributions to the defense of America, Western civilization, and decent civilization everywhere.

Our faculty members possess rare skills, knowledge, and philosophical orientation.  Their scholarly and professional work makes a disproportionate impact on the ability of the United States to achieve peace and security in the world.  Apart from the unique courses that they teach, their writings, media appearances, conference participation, and consulting work have had an unusual influence on the development and implementation of national policy.  Indeed, many of our faculty have played pivotal, if not historic, roles in American strategic successes.  Several of our professors are also pioneers in the academic study of their disciplines.

A large proportion of our student body is made up of mid-career professionals who find that they immediately apply the knowledge that they gain at IWP to their policy work.  These include mid-level and even senior officials from: the White House; Congressional staffs; the Departments of State, Defense, Treasury, Energy, Homeland Security, and Commerce; every branch of the armed forces; and specialized agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, USAID, NASA, Peace Corps, the Congressional Research Service, and many others.

Our students who are recent college graduates are joining their more senior classmates in the ranks of policy making and implementation.  Some of them have been catapulted into extremely influential positions due to the uniqueness of their education.

People possessed of sound moral bearings and good judgment are the prerequisite of good policy.  Hence, IWP is swelling the ranks of those who are intellectually, professionally, and philosophically prepared to solve the myriad problems impeding the effective defense of America and Western civilization.  Without IWP, the prospects of significant progress in addressing these challenges would be significantly reduced.