Year in Review: IWP Highlights of 2010

  • We have enjoyed record enrollments since gaining accreditation in 2006, with a 40 percent increase in the 2009-10 academic year.
  • We graduated the largest class in our history with 35 students receiving their MAs.
  • We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our founding in April with a Gala Dinner at which the former Director of Central Intelligence and one of the most decorated intelligence officers in our nation's history, General Michael Hayden, gave the keynote address.
  • We established the IWP Center for the Study of Culture and Security, under the direction of Dr. Juliana Geran Pilon. The nexus between international politics and culture is profound, and the Center's aim will be to advance understanding of the necessity of integrating cultural analysis and diplomacy into grand strategy.
  • We welcomed Ambassador Louise V. Oliver as a Distinguished Fellow and who will serve as the Chairman of the Ambassadors' Forum of the new Center for Culture and Security.
  • As part of our extensive relationship with the US Army, an agreement in which the Army sent limited numbers of FA-59 officers through rigorous 18 or 24 month "tours of study" at IWP has now been expanded to include all qualified and eligible officers from all functional areas.
  • We welcomed our third Army Senior Fellow, Col. Reginald Bostick, a specialist in PSYOPS, who just finished his tenure as Military Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. Such was his immediate fondness for IWP that Col. Bostick held his promotion ceremony to full Colonel here at the Institute with Army Secretary, John McHugh, presiding.
  • We continue to deepen our relationships with the other key agencies of the national security community, including the Navy, FBI, CIA, and DIA.
  • We purchased a fully integrated software system for the Library and added over 1,300 new volumes to our collection.

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