Meet Supporters of IWP

  • Karen Armstrong"It is fascinating to hear the quality of student and faculty speakers."

  • Bill and Renee Lickle"IWP believes that strong, knowledgeable people should be involved in creating our nation's foreign policy, not those shaped by trends in the media or political expediency... I like to keep contact with reality, which is why I like IWP."

  • Hon. Tidal W. McCoy "I would urge other donors to take a stronger look at IWP, and do more if they can so the Institute can expand and instruct more students. I'm extremely pleased to be associated with IWP since its earliest days and to be involved with it today."

  • John Lovewell"Our diplomats and military leaders and political leaders should be well acquainted with statecraft and all its aspects."

  • OwenSmithPHDD08"I am very pleased to see [IWP's] growth and maturation particularly through the accreditation and renewal of accreditation process."

  • Steve Fausel"I believe that the strength of our country must flow from ideas, our creativity, our educational systems and most importantly the core values of our people."

  • Russell Blaylock, 180x190"Dr. Lenczowski has created one of the most important institutes for training for statecraft and the study of security issues in the world."

  • John Castle 2"IWP is providing something extremely valuable and necessary, and it does a great deal with very limited resources.  So often in the modern world, you can give a lot of money, for which you get very little... And a little goes a long way at IWP."