Take the next step in serving your country.

Apply your military background at a graduate school dedicated to preparing veterans for careers in national security and international affairs. IWP offers a comprehensive, serious approach guided by seasoned professionals who have done what they teach. Take the challenge and join the ranks of the next generation of leaders.


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Military Friendly School

David Pate, Veterans Page "This school has grown me up a lot, and helped me develop an inner sense of self. I don't think you can get that anywhere else. I'm really grateful for this place."
-David Pate, Class of 2012
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Holly Harris, Veterans Page "The critical thinking and analytic skills within the Institute of World Politics BSAP program will serve me well in the future."
-Holly Harris, Class of 2013
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Samantha Moyer, Veterans "I think I have a broader understanding now of the workings of the whole of government, and what happens when there is no viable strategic vision."
-Samantha Moyer, Class of 2013
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Adam MacAllister, Veterans Page "The school does such a great job of teaching the different arts of statecraft. Until you have an idea about all these capabilities, you won't be able to develop a coherent, complete, and fully integrated strategy."
-Adam MacAllister, Class of 2013
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Katie Crombe, Veterans Page "I cannot believe how much I have learned in only nine months, and how much I did not know about the world before beginning this program. I wish I had many of these lessons before my deployments. They would have been helpful."
- Katie Crombe, Class of 2012
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