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IWP and Liberty University

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The Institute of World Politics has signed an agreement with Liberty University allowing students who participate in the Washington Fellowship program to intern with IWP.

Under this agreement, IWP will guarantee one opening each semester for a qualifying intern from the Washington Fellowship. Students will be able to work in the nation’s capital, a place that offers a wide variety of practical experiences in international relations, national security, political science, and many other fields.

IWP has welcomed interns and graduate students from Liberty University over the years and, thanks to this new agreement, we look forward to seeing these numbers grow.

Learn more about the IWP Internship Program

Pryce Albury and Will Hungerford
Above: Will Hungerford (right) at his IWP internship during the summer of 2017. Will was a student at Liberty University, which now has an internship partnership agreement with IWP.