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IWP and Utah Valley University

IWP Eagle in gold circle   Utah Valley University (UVU)

“IWP has a well-earned reputation for its practical, serious, and engaged approach to studying national security — pedagogical principles shared by UVU’s national security program. I anticipate that many of our students will find great opportunities as graduate students and interns at IWP. I am confident that this partnership will enable our students to further their knowledge and skills and successfully pursue careers in service of their country.”

Professor Ryan Vogel, the founding director of the Center for National Security Studies at UVU

“IWP recognized immediately that students in UVU’s national security program are highly engaged and dedicated to learning and mastering the practice of national security. The solid foundation these students are receiving in the NSS program make them ideal candidates for our graduate degrees and for careers in defense, diplomacy, and related industries. This partnership seems a natural fit amidst a shared mission, and we anticipate UVU students will be strong and welcome additions to IWP’s internship and graduate programs.”

Danielle Shover, Director of Graduate Recruitment, IWP

About the IWP-Utah Valley University partnership

Elliott Thomas
UVU student Elliott Thomas interned at IWP in summer 2018. He conducted open-source counterterrorism research and long-term trend analysis as part of his role as a research assistant.

IWP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah and its Center for National Security Studies (NSS) in May 2018.

The agreement involves benefits for UVU students who pursue graduate studies at IWP, as well as visits of UVU students to IWP’s campus for discussions with IWP faculty and alumni.

Benefits for UVU students and alumni

  • UVU students and alumni will receive a guaranteed $2,200 per semester scholarship for IWP’s in-person academic programs.
  • Additional merit-based awards will also be available.
  • UVU students will receive a tuition reduction from $650 to $500 per credit hour if enrolled in IWP’s distance programs.
  • UVU students will also be considered for Early Admittance if they apply to IWP after April 30 of their third undergraduate year.

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