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Our Mission

Class of 2023


The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security, intelligence, and international affairs, dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft, based on knowledge and appreciation of the founding principles of the American political economy and the Western moral tradition.

Raison d’Etre

The Institute was founded to fill a major national need for professional education in statecraft and national security affairs that in our estimation has not been filled satisfactorily by any other institution of higher learning.

Mission Objectives

  1. To help students see the world as it is, not as they wish it would be, or as foreign powers or utopian ideologies would have them see it, by providing them with a clear understanding of the international system; the nature, strategic intentions, and statecraft of foreign powers; and both the possibilities and limits of what can be achieved in foreign policy;
  2. To provide students the skills for integrated and strategic statecraft in order to recognize threats and political-strategic opportunities, to prevent, manage, and prevail in international conflicts, and to work for peace with justice, without utopianism or the moral confusion of equating aggressors and victims;
  3. To stimulate an informed patriotism based on an appreciation of American founding principles and the achievements of our civilization and to understand and act upon the truths of the Western moral tradition; and
  4. To create moral leaders with a dedication to the pursuit of truth, the ethical use of national power, and the development of personal and civic virtue.

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