Cyber Intelligence Initiative LogoStudy Cyber Intelligence through The Institute of World Politics! Our Cyber Intelligence Initiative is a unique professional education program teaching business and government executives how to utilize intelligence tools and cyber capabilities to protect their organizations proactively. Our upcoming seminars are listed below.*



Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021
This virtual seminar will provide a fundamental understanding of how artificial intelligence and cyber tools will affect the global battlefield in the years to come. The seminar will begin by exploring the current status of artificial intelligence technology, the published cyber capabilities of international actors, and the current United States cyber strategy. Then the seminar will take a look at the projected abilities of artificial intelligence and its implications for warfare, based on released statements by both the private sector and government actors. – Fritz Barth currently supports the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence in the management of defense intelligence priorities.

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Cyber Terrorism

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
This course is designed to introduce the history and impact of Cyber Terrorism in today’s world. Students will receive a thorough understanding of cyber terrorism as it is employed by National, Sub-National groups and rogue actors. You will be exposed to current policy and law in regard to cyber and through labs and papers develop policy to protect and counter this new form of terrorism. – Paul M. Davis is Vice President of Government Business Development at SecureDAM and Founder and President of JANUS Think.

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Cyber Intelligence and Statecraft

Wednesday, November 7th, 2021
This virtual seminar steps away from the stove-piped approaches of specific federal agencies and provides a versatile toolkit for analyzing international incidents (both real-time incidents and potential future attacks) which impact our national security. The course addresses seminal works which drive current and future policy, discusses gaps in international law and agreements, and explores how the dearth of a common lexicon for engaging and speaking about global incidents is tantamount to a barrier for businesses, decision-makers, policy leaders, organization leads, media, and those service members and civilians on the daily front lines of both government and private industry cyber threat response and management. – Sana Saleh is a Director with the Department of Homeland Security.

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Enterprise Threat Modeling

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021
This virtual seminar will examine the concepts, techniques, and primary goals of threat modeling. The course will introduce the value of techniques and strategies within threat modeling and will complete an exercise to understand and implement a threat model based on the data and information collected. Threat models and techniques that will be introduced include: understanding the goals and strategic perspective in using threat models on an Enterprise System, a basic conceptual understanding of cybersecurity and data protection, a general understanding of the impact of data compromise from a statecraft and/or global perspective, and the primary goals of threat modeling.

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