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Norman A. Bailey is a Professor of Economics and National Security at IWP and Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs with the White House National Security Council.
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When even common courtesy is condemned by political partisans, we are seeing the real threat to Israel’s future. In his editorial comment in the Jerusalem Post on February 24th concerning the fact that after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was filmed shaking hands with and smiling at a Yesh Atid MK who returned to the Knesset…

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Stop shouting, start talking

The new government’s actions and proposals are not ideal, but not the apocalypse either, and reasoned discourse should produce acceptable solutions. A new government has taken office in Israel. It was elected by a tiny majority of the popular vote, and a larger majority in the Knesset, due to its leader’s superior knowledge of and…

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A tale of two elections

Both elections will seriously affect the future trajectory of Israel and the U.S., as well as their relations with each other. On November 1st, Israelis went to the polls, and one week later, Americans did the same in the midterm elections. Both elections proved to be very significant, and both will seriously affect the future…

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In the new year, Israel’s problems are mainly at home

The regional outlook is better than for some time, and internationally Israel is well positioned. The dangers lie in social divisions and political dysfunction. The outlook for Israel in the new year is unusually clear, but very complex. Domestically social divisions and political dysfunctionality will continue. The November election is unlikely to resolve anything. Even…

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How to leverage the Abraham Accords for maximum geopolitical effect

Simultaneously, what has been referred to as the “cold peace” with Egypt has warmed up a great deal since the beginning of the Abraham Accord process. In the past two-plus years Israel has signed agreements normalizing relations with four Arab/Muslim countries. The agreement with Sudan has remained in suspense until that country sorts out its…

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Reform the Israel Police

A string of recent incidents shows how ill-adapted Israel Police is to its task. It must change before things get out of hand. In my last column, I wrote about the necessity of a reform in the Israeli political system and government structure. This column is about a governmental agency that requires reform equally urgently:…

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