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Peace through Development Photo courtesy of Asia America Initiative
Photo courtesy of Asia America Initiative

IWP 670
Four credits

The goal of this course is to demonstrate how history, culture, and the relationship among local families, clans, and tribes are essential components in developing proactive security solutions in today’s unpredictable world. It is based on historical models and the past 20 years of cultural engagement diplomacy and socio-economic development practices by Professor Santoli. His work has stabilized some of the most challenging and dangerous leftist and Muslim insurgency communities in Southeast Asia. This course introduces, compares, and contrasts different modes of building alliances necessary to negate the influence of increasingly diversified extremist groups and big power rivalry through community-based and non-violent means.

We will explore new economic-social concepts such as the impact of poverty and the “reset” of the global economy and the resulting impact on national sovereignty and U.S. and Allied national security.  This course will introduce Dr. John Lenczowski’s  “full spectrum” of conventional and non-traditional engagement as instruments of citizen diplomacy.

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