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Cyber Strategy Development

IWP 691
Two credits

Course Aims

Every organization, both public and private sector, requires a strategy that addresses cyberspace. This course introduces students to the complexities involved in the development of such a strategy.  It also helps to develop strong critical thinking skills by requiring students to integrate strategic thought, cyberspace, intelligence, and planning and to use this integrated approach to assess and develop cyberspace related strategies.

Course Content

This course begins by introducing students to various concepts and methods associated with strategy and plan development, as well as cyberspace, intelligence, and specifically cyber intelligence. Through complementary study, interaction, and practice, students will then gain understanding of the intersection between cyberspace, intelligence, strategy, planning, and application across diverse environments. The course culminates with each student producing a cyber strategy for an organization of their choosing. The strategy document serves as the final paper and the strategy presentation (including Q&A) serves as the final exam. Note: the term “cyber” here is used as shorthand for “cyber related.”