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Statecraft, National Security, and the Corporate Sector


IWP 665
2 Credits

This course introduces a ground-breaking field of study, one that examines the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. Government and Industry–The Public-Private Partnership–which has become the cornerstone of U.S. national security in the 21st Century. A robust private sector is a fundamental tenet of the American tradition and a critical component in the exercise of national power.

This course will examine the indispensable role of the private sector (both profit and non-profit organizations) in support of U.S. national security, from the founding of our Republic through the present day. It will examine the contributions of the private sector in support of U.S. diplomacy, the intelligence community, national defense and of course our economy to provide a broader and deeper understanding of this partnership so tomorrow’s leaders and strategic thinkers have the insights to operate more effectively.