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U.S.-African Relations

IWP 639
Four credits

Sub-Sahara Africa now has fifty-three independent states. The political changes in this part of the African continent are phenomenal. Fifty years ago all but three were colonies of Britain, France, Portugal, or Spain. The three independent states were Liberia, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Several countries, formerly German colonies, were U.N. trusteeship areas.

Following a brief overview of the developments in Africa, sub-Sahara from the Berlin Conference of 1878 to the commencement of the independence movement  in the 1950s, the focus of the course will be the contemporary political situation, including: (1) the transition from colonial rule to independence; (2) the impact of the Cold War on these countries; (3) the African ideological movement; and (4) the current political situation involving their relationship with the United States.