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U.S. Bilateral Security Agreements

IWP 687
Two credits

This course will expose students to one of the critical elements of national security and defense policy, underscoring how the U.S. enters into and sustains bilateral security arrangements with its friends and allies. Knowledge of U.S. bilateral security agreements is essential to gaining a fuller understanding of U.S. national security policy, foreign policy, and regional defense and military policy.

The course will address basic bilateral security planning issues, starting at the national level and proceeding to the details of implementation at the Defense and State Departments. A core theme will be the enabling role that bilateral security agreements play in servicing broader U.S. national security policy priorities and sustaining regional stability worldwide.


There are no course prerequisites; however, students are strongly encouraged to have taken IWP 601, National Security Policy Process, or IWP 679, Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting. The course consists of a combination of lecture and discussion sessions.

Course Intro Video