Dr. Christopher C. Harmon formerly served as Director of Counterterrorism Studies Programs in Asia and Europe for the U.S. Government and is currently a Distinguished Fellow with the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future Warfare at Marine Corps University. Full bio

The Books That Churchill Read: The self-education of a statesman

Winston Spencer Churchill wrote with warmth and humor about his early education — and its limits. Certain passages had a touch of the tremulous, given the discipline to which he was subjected by one or two nasty schoolmasters. Biographers have shown interest in the relevant pages of My Early Life (1930), that winning autobiography. But not there,…

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The Timing of Terrorism: The Obsessions with Dates

This month is the black anniversary of September 11, 2001.  It has many meanings for us, but was that date in particular selected by Al Qaeda?  A few suggest there is a link to the last day of battle in 1683 at the gates of Vienna, a titanic Moslem-Christian struggle for western Europe.  Americans might…

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A Citizen's Guide to Terrorism and Counterterrorism

A Citizen’s Guide to Terrorism and Counterterrorism

This Citizen’s Guide addresses the public policy issues of terrorism and counterterrorism in the United States after Bin Laden’s death. Written for the thinking citizen and student alike, this succinct and up-to-date book takes a “grand strategy” approach toward terrorism and uses examples and issues drawn from present-day perpetrators and actors.

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Soldiers preparing to fold an American flag -

The New Illusion: “Fascism” in America

We are seeing the mainstreaming of allegations of “fascism” in American governance and especially in reference to the Donald Trump White House.  The charge is false—but damaging to our common sense.  That last phrase is offered in two ways: The charge of “fascism” makes little sense.  And it is an awful replacement for the noble…

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Remembering 23 October

The 23rd of October, which falls on a Wednesday this year, signals the 30th anniversary of one of the most significant dual-bombings in the history of low-intensity conflict.  Soldiers of France and the United States, dispatched to Lebanon to keep peace amidst its civil war, were destroyed in great numbers by vehicle bombs driven into their two…

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Anarchism & Fire in London: A Centenary

In London, one hundred years ago, on the weekday morning of 3 January, citizens awoke amidst “The Siege of Sidney Street.” Well-armed Anarchists tried to rob a jeweler, murdered police who responded, and then disappeared within the city. Located after two weeks in an apartment building, they were now surrounded by Metropolitan Police massed on…

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