Dr. Christopher C. Harmon formerly served as Director of Counterterrorism Studies Programs in Asia and Europe for the U.S. Government and is currently a Distinguished Fellow with the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future Warfare at Marine Corps University. Full bio

Work in Common: Democracies and Opposition to Terrorism

There is a corrosive effect on the democracy that does not meet its foreign or internal challenges from violent extremists.   This paper was delivered in 2002 at the Bangladesh Institute of International & Strategic Studies and the American Center, US Embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Copyright (c) 2002 by BIISS Journal.

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Terrorism Today

The new edition of this best-selling insight into terrorism today has been fully updated and revised to include what the author terms the new ‘militant Moslem international.’ Drawing directly on the words and ideas of terrorists themselves, this book is an examination of patterns, current trends and future threats in terrorism worldwide. 

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Statecraft and Power

These essays on strategy, war, and statecraft have been written during the current reassessment of United States’ national strategy. But they also take strategic thinking back to certain principals and interests which have guided America before, during, and after the Cold War.

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