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Reagan Intelligence Lectures

Strategic Deception and Active Measures

a webinar with Dr. John Lenczowski, Founder, President Emeritus, and Chancellor of The Institute of World Politics
April 20, 2022
Watch the 2022 lecture video→

Reagan’s Cold War: Indications & Warning Intelligence

with Prof. Darlene Almonth
May 19, 2020
Read more about the 2020 lecture→
Watch the 2020 lecture video→

Steele Dossier: The Counterintelligence Investigation of 2016

with Prof. Paul Schilling
April 23, 2019
Read more about the 2019 lecture→

North Korea: Time for a New Approach

with Prof. John Sano
June 16, 2017
Read more about the 2017 lecture→

A New Era of HUMINT: How the Intelligence Workforce Continues to Evolve

with Prof. John Sano
April 15, 2015
Read more about the 2015 lecture→

20 Years since Ames: Counterintelligence Policy in the 21st Century

with Prof. John Quattrocki
May 15, 2014
Read more about the 2014 lecture→

Ronald Reagan: Counterintelligence and the Evil Empire

with Prof. Raymond Batvinis
April 19, 2013
Read more about the 2013 lecture→
Watch the 2013 lecture video→

Reagan’s Intelligence and Security Policies

with Prof. Kenneth deGraffenreid
April 20, 2012
Read more about the 2012 lecture→

Ronald Reagan and Reforming American Intelligence Lessons for the Future

with Prof. Kenneth deGraffenreid
April 8, 2011
Read more about the 2011 lecture→